Why Silver and Gold are a scam investment!! | Don’t buy Silver?


Why Silver and Gold are a scam investment!! | Don’t buy Silver?

April 2014

Mettle stacker sell you the idea that Silver and or Gold will help you save for retirement, and become a money tree. But we are going to do an experiment to see if that is true, or if rejecting their idea and putting your saving to work in a market is the best way to provide for your old age and loved ones. End of the day getting this bet wrong can cost you more than not making one a all.

Historically both Silver and Gold have failed to net the return needed to allow one to retire. And if you lock you money up in them you wont have it to put to work elsewhere. The clock is ticking, can you afford to buy that gold or silver and not invest for your retirement?

Experiment ROI on buying power:


*FX(Curacy Market) -2.97%

*Physical Silver -19.36%

*Physical Gold -10.90%

*BitCoins -7.07%

April 2014 pre inflation:

*FX(Curacy Market) 1.75%

*Physical Silver -27.00%

*Physical Gold -13.40%

*BitCoins -30.61%

While BTC is not an ideal investment it an ideal way to send funds online. If you would like to donate you can use this BTC address:


From http://jarrettboone.blogspot.com/2017/03/why-silver-and-gold-are-scam-investment.html


Author: Gloria Jacque

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